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NUTSAC RUCKSAC Review // Waxed-Canvas Top-Loader vs GORUCK M22 & AZO Equipment Amhara

Gear from this video:


⭐️ AZO Equipment Amhara Travel Backpack:

⭐️ GORUCK M22:

⭐️ Evergoods CAP1L:

⭐️ Evergoods CAP2L:

⭐️ Huckberry x Peak Design Tech Pouch:

⭐️ Step 22 Tenkile Tech Pouch (MCB):


⭐️ Main Camera:

⭐️ Microphone:

⭐️ Cold Shoe Plate:

⭐️ Studio Lens:

⭐️ Mobile Vlog/Top-Down Camera:

⭐️ iPhone Gimbal:

⭐️ Action Camera:

⭐️ 360 Camera:

⭐️ Drone Shots!:

⭐️ Mobile Mics:

⭐️ Tripod:

⭐️ Mobile Tripod:

⭐️ You see me in THESE hats most often:

⭐️ I do almost everything on this tablet:

⭐️ I carry all my gear in GORUCK gear:

🎵 My Music:

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The World Wide Web:

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links which means I receive a small commission on a purchase without additional cost to you, if you buy something through my links. Thank you for supporting the channel!

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